We are pleased to offer custom Ride Janie Ride merchandise.  Photos and descriptions are provided below.

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    A: 8" Sculpted Beanie $ 10.00 
    B: 12" Folded Beanie $ 10.00 
    C: Limited Edition Bling Logo Women's Shirt (Long Sleeve) $ 40.00 
    D: Limited Edition Bling Logo Women's Shirt (Short Sleeve) $ 30.00 
    E: Limited Edition Chip $ 5.00 
    F: Women's Limited Edition Bling Jacket $ 85.00 
    G: Women's Wrap with Bling $ 20.00 
    G: Women's Wrap Without Bling $ 15.00 
    H: Limited Edition Slim Fit Women's Tank $ 20.00 
    I: Limited Edition Relax Fit Women's Tank $ 20.00 
    J: Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirt $ 30.00 
    K: Long-Sleeved Women's V-Neck Shirt $ 30.00 
    L: 2019 Limited Edition Long- Sleeved Women's V-Neck Shirt $ 25.00 
    M: 2019 Limited Edition Long Sleeve Unisex Shirt $ 25.00 
    N: Women's Bling Tank Top $ 30.00 
    O: NEW: Women's Embroidered V-Neck Performance Wear Shirt $ 30.00 
    P: NEW: Unisex Embroidered Performance Wear Long Sleeve Shirt $ 30.00 

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